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Who We Work With

Alveo services several thousand healthcare providers throughout the United States. We take pride in serving and learning from various types of clients including physician groups, practice management and EMR software systems, hospitals, and medical billing companies.

Billing Companies

Revenue Cycle Management or Billing companies tend to offer their comprehensive services on either a percentage of collections basis or as a flat fee per account billed. The opportunity to control their core cost elements can make the difference between excellent and cost-effective service resulting in new client wins versus struggling to maintain the necessary advantages to compete effectively. Alveo Health offers a solution that drives these advantages.

Practice Management and EMR Software Providers

Practice management and EMR software providers normally offer their software as the foundational program to run a physician practice, and then beyond the foundational platform, there are various modules that can be added on for a price. Alveo Health is integrated with a number of PM and EMR providers that we are happy to share with our clients and prospects, and we receive claims from dozens of PM’s via a simple file upload process to our portal or a client-specific SFTP site.

Physician and Clinician Practices

While many physician and clinical practices either outsource their billing to an RCM provider or utilize the billing module and connected clearinghouse in their PM system, thousands of providers maintain their own service relationship with their selected clearinghouse provider – and Alveo serves thousands of independent practices in this manner.

Hospital Groups

Hospital systems tend to utilize their in-house ERP system to record all patient activity, including claims that need to be sent out to payers for reimbursement. Because the large ERP systems have the ability to send out Uniform Bill (UB-04) formats and Alveo has been processing these for decades, we are able to serve any hospital system’s claims management needs as we do today for a number of hospitals.

Insurance Companies

Like any business, Insurance Companies that serve as the payers for the patient and client encounters try to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in running their companies. In some instances, one of the means of accomplishing this efficiency is having all incoming claims routed through a selected partner, sometimes known in the industry as a Network Service Vendor. Alveo maintains numerous partnerships throughout the industry and serves as the exclusive EDI provider to various payers.