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Billing Companies

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Revenue Cycle Management or Billing companies tend to offer their comprehensive servcies on either a percentage of collections basis or as a flat fee per account billed. Based on this approach and the competitive nature of the medical billing services marketplace, the opportunity to control the core cost elements of their processes while maximizing the value obtained from their own partners can make the difference between excellent and cost-effective service resulting in new client wins versus struggling to maintain the necessary advantages to compete effectively. Alveo Health offers our RCM partners a solution that drives these exact advantages.

Alveo’s Customer service is out of this world! The entire staff has been very responsive to our every need and they have gone out of their way to make sure that their services fit our needs. We have been very satisfied with their performance and ability to adapt to our needs. Thanks for all you do!

Bud Clevenger

Vice President, MD Billing Services, LLC


Alveo services billing companies of every size and specialty. Our volume-based competitive pricing and user friendly tools and reports allow our clients to focus on what’s important – collections!


Alveo can work with multiple practice management platforms, allowing your billing company to grow with multiple clients and not be tied to a single system.

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