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The Calendar has turned, your organization has set goals for 2019 – and simply stated, we want to help you in achieving those goals! Have you seen the new reporting tools offered by Alveo? They can be found on our portal on your Dashboard as well as individually in the Reports section found on your Portal Menu down the left side. These reports are all able to be exported to Excel of other file formats, enabling efficient sorting and processing of your data for things like denial management activities internal accounting and even patient outreach. Are you seeing more patients and clients presenting as self-pay patients due to the continuing trend towards high-deductible plans? If so, we would encourage your practice to look at the Patient Payment Portal service we can offer to enable ease and flexibility of deductible or out-of-pocket payments.

Is the task of reconciling your payments (EFT and otherwise) to your remits a significant effort and expenditure of time (and thus budget resources)? We are prepared to get you information and set up a demonstration of the ERA Matching Services we offer.

Do you have credentialing needs? How about Prior Authorization forms and expenses – are those a strain on your budget? Alveo spent a great deal of time and energy in 2018 to build out a set of services we now offer to all of our clients, and the unique elements and needs of YOUR practice can realize a measurable value by powering up any combination of our services to successfully tend to those needs.

Below is a listing of the services we offer to every client that we serve – and a growing number of our clients that have looked in to these offerings are taking advantage of the value that is measurably there. Please feel free to send a note to or call (513) 557.3504 to ask for more information or a demonstration of these services. They will contribute to a great 2019, and that is our aim for every single client we serve!

  • Patient Eligibility Verification and Details
  • Matching Services (ERA’s to EFT or paper payments)
  • Electronic Prior Authorization software/services
  • Full Credentialing Services
  • Patient Payment Portal software/services
  • Client Reporting Tools
  • Vendor Management Services (for Hospitals & Large Practices and Organizations)
  • Early Out Services (for self-pay patients)
  • Patient Statements Errors & Omissions Insurance offering