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Services for Software Creators and Sellers

Partner With Alveo for Practice Management/EMR/EHR

Present Alveo to your clients the way you want to

  • Alveo works with software creators and sellers of every size and specialty
  • Many use Alveo as their only clearinghouse “powered by Alveo” or “white label”
  • Some use Alveo as one of their preferred clearinghouse partners giving their clients a choice
  • Alveo provides financial arrangements designed to suit the needs of the provider

Easy integration and file transfers

  • One of the most robust and easy-to-use API libraries for integrating your applications 
  • Integrated within the practice management software
  • Secure file transfer (FTPS)
  • Send and receive transactions via the Alveo portal

Multiple file formats supported

  • Standard file formats: ANSI X12 – 5010-837p, 5010-837i, 5010 837d, 4010-837p, 4010-837i
  • Custom formats: Print image, Excel (XLS & XLSX), NSF, Comma separated value (CSV) and XML

Integration team
technical support

  • Fully configurable solutions give you just what you want
  • You always have access to our team of specialists who get to know you, your system, and your needs
  • With Alveo, your product management and development teams can scope and start developing immediately

World class customer support team

  • We build a personal relationship over time to provide you with valuable guidance
  • Solve your problems with amazing speed
  • Experienced, Cincinnati-based support team

We believe Alveo will be an integral part of your success.

Alveo has been a trusted PBSI partner for many years. PBSI exclusively uses Alveo for all electronic transactions for our several hundred physician clients. Why, when we could use any clearing house? A long history of quality, good people, and excellent, cooperative service. Problems are few, and always handled promptly and with quality. Your partnership is appreciated.”

Ray Cool, President, Positive Business Solutions

Software Vendor References

Ray Cool

CEO, PBSI Technology Solutions


Phone: 513-924-3915

Kristen Heffernan
GM, Henry Schein Micro MD

James Dickerson
COO, QRS Paradigm

Randy Porter
CEO, Apollo PT