Electronic Claims, Attachments, ERA's, and Reporting

Cleaner claims lead to better collections with a 4 step process to keep your claims system healthy.

Step 1

Clearinghouse Edits & Reports

Step 2

Payer Edits
& Reports

Step 3

Payer ERA's

Processed or Denied

Step 4

Correction Log

Alveo’s Claim Management solution enables the submission of professional, institutional, and dental claims to thousands of health insurance payers. Claims are instantly run through a rules engine of comprehensive edits to ensure claims are delivered to the payer error free for faster reimbursement.

Alveo cleans both professional (HCFA), Institutional (UB), and dental ADA claims

Professional (HCFA) Claims

Claims filed by providers such as doctors, healthcare professionals, etc.

Institutional (UB) Claims

Claims filed by hospitals for the use of hospital equipment, hospital beds, etc.

Dental ADA Claims

We offer dental claim submission to our clients

Alveo sends to thousands of payers nationwide

Commercial Payers

United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Kaiser, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Government Payers

Medicare, Medicaid, Railroad Medicare, Tricare

Claim Submission (837)

Alveo’s claims submission program allows providers to submit primary, secondary, and tertiary claims in any format.  Providers can also correct and resubmit claims online, conserving valuable time and resources.


Electronic claim attachments can be used to submit attachments for claims that you would have had to mail or fax in the past.  This can be useful for sending x-ray images, operation reports, office notes, etc. in order to get your claims adjudicated more quickly

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/EOB/835)

Eliminate manual inefficiencies and automate the posting of your payments. Alveo can provide all of your payer remits for automatic payment posting within your practice management software. This allows you to receive your payments’ supporting documentation more quickly while reducing the time and error rates associated with manual data entry. Our payment management solution allows you to search ERAs online and includes a PDF print-and-view capability.


Timeliness of payment is a major financial element of your practice’s success.  Alveo provides the ability to view and export claim rejections, claim adjudication information, and claim life cycle analysis directly from your customized Alveo web portal.


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