Patient Insurance Eligibility Services

Alveo's solutions equip our clients with the tools needed to effectively manage their patient population.

The ability to ensure that patients have coverage for the care provided is paramount to healthcare providers. Timely and accurate coverage information enables both the patient and the provider to make informed decisions and prevents significant costs for the practice downstream when the billing process is halted as a result of denied claims.

getting started

Alveo offers fast, up-to-date patient eligibility verification

Check Patient Eligibility

  • Run individual eligibility inquiries
  • View batch eligibility reports
  • Search eligibility transaction history
  • Send/receive batch eligibility files
  • Run eligibility usage reports


  • Reduce payer rejection and denials while improving reimbursement rates and efficiency
  • Get the most up-to-date information on patient coverage, co-pays, deductibles and more

Real time individual eligibility

Single inquiry eligibility verification allows for real-time inquiries for results within seconds.

Batch Eligibility 270/271

Batch eligibility verification allows for all patients scheduled in any given period to be submitted all at once and returned to you in one report.