Electronic Paper Statements

Our customized patient statement service ensures each statement is reviewed for accuracy and reduces turnaround time for collections. We also provide change of address notices to further expedite the collections process.

Alveo has partnered with OSG to expedite collections. Their optimized mail services combines the latest mail technologies offered by the USPS with their own proprietary software for more efficient mail delivery and improved collections at the best possible rate.


The accuracy of your mail delivery is important to your bottom line. Alveo works with OSG to maximize postage discounts, maintain accurate customer address files, and utilize the Intelligent Mail Barcode printed on every piece of outgoing mail to ensure it is delivered to the right address on time.

Patient Statement Solutions

Experts in Composition and Design

As your experts in design and composition, we can help you create an invoice or statement package that is strategically designed to increase revenue, improve communication and strengthen the customer relationship. Your patient statements seamlessly managed by Alveo.

Design Tips to
Increase Revenue

• Easy to read and comprehend
• Type font large enough to read
• Use of columns and white space
• Clear hierarchy of Information

Getting Started

  1. Send sample patient statement data file to Alveo from your practice management software
  2. Estimate approximate statements to be mailed per month
  3. Alveo analyzes current paper statement and recommends improved custom solutions
  4. Test
  5. Go live!

Alveo’s Print and Mail Partner

OSG Print & Mail

Alveo’s Print and Mail Partner OSG hosts a fully integrated communications platform for both electronic and print critical customer communication. OSG Print & Mail, raises the bar for high volume document production. OSG operates with a dedicated, highly trained staff and the distinctly defined processes of our Automated Document Factory (ADF). The OSG processSM represents a unique combination of innovation and standardization, broad industry experience, and stringent quality control standards, all established to guarantee error-free processing of your critical customer communications.