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Hospital Groups

Solutions for Hospital Groups

Hospital systems tend to utilize their in-house ERP system to record all patient activity, including claims that need to be sent out to payers for reimbursement. Because the large ERP systems have the ability to send out Uniform Bill (UB-04) formats and Alveo has been processing these for decades, we are able to serve any hospital system’s claims management needs as we do today for a number of hospitals.

Hospital-based providers face the same industry challenges as any physician group – such as higher deductible health plans and rising self pay situations. In all cases, Alveo enables your Hospital staff to remain focused on the basics of patient engagement and value based care.


Alveo’s multitude of tools and services can provide your hospital with the ability to streamline workflows through added services such as real-time eligibility verification, electronic prior authorization, matching of ERA to EFT’s and Contract Management.

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