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Patient Eligibility Verification

Save Time and Money When Verifying Patient Eligibility


The ability to ensure that patients have coverage for the care provided is paramount to healthcare providers for a couple of major reasons. Not only does timely and accurate coverage information enable both the patient and the provider to make informed decisions around payment for services rendered, but it also prevents significant costs for the practice downstream when the billing process is halted based on denied claims for lack of coverage. Alveo’s eligibilty solutions equip our clients with the tools needed to effectively manage their patient population.

Replace the Need to Call Individual Health Insurers

Single Eligibility Inquiries

For walk-in patients, denied claims, and more.

Batch Eligibility Verification

For lists of patients and clients via 270/271 files.

Determine a patient’s deductible and financial responsibility

Reduce claim denials and rejections, improving reimbursement rates and staff efficiency metrics

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